Haiku Mania

Friday has arrived, and you know what that means... HAIKUS. And like every Friday, here come the personal, pop culture, and current news haiku.

Free train trip to Seoul
Indian food with no cost
And a doughnut run.

Land of Confusion
Phil Collins and some puppets
Still scares me sometimes.

Home Depot's catch phrase
"You Can Do It, We Can Help"
Is not always true


To give a little insight into the first haiku, today I took the train to Seoul. As some of my friends know, often strange things happen to me when I'm exploring by myself. Today was no exception. The train was delayed so much they gave out refunds at the station. I then took my broken iPod to the Apple store, where they told me they would replace it in two weeks. After that good news, I decided to head over to Itaewon to get some Indian food. As I entered the place, I met a nice young couple who invited me to join them. After some really good conversation, and some great food, they picked up the tab.

But the sight of the day had to be one large white man walking through the subway with six dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts. It was like I didn't think I stuck out enough, so I had to have two large bags full of fresh, delicious smelling, original glazed doughnuts. The things I'll do for my students.

There is so much I'd love to say about this last week... Until I decide to put it in a post, just know that God has been great and has taught me a lot this week. Things about myself, friendships, His will and timing, and choices.

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david said...

nice looking comment box.. very nice
so.. what's your aim/msn?
hit me back man. :)

Carrie said...

You're making me miss Korean adventures.