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Today I want to point out a couple of other blogs out there. I've already mentioned Drew's blog in the past, mainly because he banned me from posting comments on one of his entries. Well, in a recent entry of his, he mentioned a friend we have in common, who goes by GI_Chicka. Now, Drew thinks he is all cool because he claims that GI_Chicka told him that he is her best friend. Well, I got news for the Drew, I have witnesses who can confirm that GI_Chicka said that I am "her favorite person in the whole world." I just thought I would share that with everone.

Another web blogger out there who has recently mentioned me is yet another friend of Der_Iron_Chef, who goes by
Bethers78. See she just put one and one together and discovered that kandernboy and I are one in the same. I will give her credit, as she took the time not only to fill out the online girlfriend application, but she had some dang funny answers. (and she mentioned it in her blog.)

So what does all this mean? Absolutely nothing. I just wanted to give some traffic to some other people, as well as see how many links I could enter into this post. If you are reading this, and have mentioned me or this site, let me know, and I'll give you some mad traffic in the future. And if any of my other friends out there have some stupid blog, let me know as well, and the linking might happen. No promises though.

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