We Are Thrown Together

Another week past
Some more haiku for you all
I hope you like them.

Tried to break the rules
We are smarter than they think
And now they know it.

Getting iPod fixed
Another hard drive crashes
Apple products stink.

R - Y - A - N - D
C - O - R - D - E - L - L
My name, a haiku.

She's gone way too soon
A friend is in mourning now
Wish I could do more.

Time is so precious
Make the most of what you have
Are you wasting yours?

Johnny 5 got free
Fell in love with A. Sheedy
Guttenberg can act.

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starbender said...

Reading Blogs all day
Posting away

fenter the nerd said...

i like haiku numbers 2 and 3 especially :)

Scottiep said...

nice short circuit refrence, I havent seen that one in forever "wouldn't you like to be a pepper too?"

john daker said...

you're outta control for real. short circuit - blew my mind.