Hazy Shade Of Winter

I've written about eight different entries to this blog this week that might never see the light of day. But each time I got near the end, something prevented me from hitting the "publish" button. Was I afraid of offending, offering the brutal truth, or exposing more of my life for all to see? Perhaps someday they will find their freedom from the abyss known as "Drafts." Perhaps not. So until I get motivated to toss more brain dibble out there, here are some haiku:

Package in the mail
Five pounds of pistachios
Life is good sometimes.

Winter I once loved
Playing in the snow was fun
But now I'm just cold.

The head and the heart
Why can't they work together
Instead of fighting.

Bad news on the phone
But before I pass judgement
Could it have been me?

Two roads before me
Both would be an adventure
Just need to step out.

Actor bit by wolf
But don't worry he'll be fine
And will act again

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jake said...

Lately ive been writing a lot of stuff that will never see the light of day...maybe its my way to fume...or see my progress...or me regresss :D

Scottiep said...

blogs that won't be published??? that's so wierd- why would you do that? :)

fenter said...

the head and the heart.
a never ending battle.
are you awake now?