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It is time to tell the story behind why I got stuck in Seoul, forced to spend the night in a computer room.

It started a few weeks ago, when I heard that Oasis was going to be performing their first show in Korea. I talked with a couple friends about trying to score some tickets, but our hopes were soon crushed by the information that the show was sold out. We were even told there was a waiting list for tickets that might become available, but it was too long to even bother. Thus the plan to go was scrapped.
Then this week came, and I had already switched my day off to attend the concert. I decided to head to Seoul anyway and see what could happen. Those who know me well, know that when I have a history of odd things happening when I adventure alone like this. Well, Tuesday did not disappoint, as I was able to score a ticket at the door. The sales people apologized as it was a "standing floor ticket," which translated means I would be on the floor. I was a bit shocked to see that my ticket was in section A, which for those alphabetically challenged ended up being the first section on the floor.
Oasis in Seoul
There I was meters from the stage, watching the Gallagher brothers work their way through some of their classic tunes, as well as some of the new stuff. Musically they put on a great show, but visually it was less than expected. They also didn't display any of the anger that has been displayed either through fits or verbal assaults that are often associated with their shows. When I told one friend that they didn't even cuss, she said that is like seeing the Pope officiate a ceremony without praying.
All in all it was a pretty sweet show. It is just unfortunate that more performers don't make their way to Korea. And I'm telling you, there are some desperate fans over here. So desperate that Michael Bolton has two shows this spring and Kenny G. just performed his second show in a year's time. Although, it is a shame that I can't see the Godfather of Soul in Seoul.

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Britboy said...

I recall seeing Oasis in Zurich (no reckless car journey beforehand, though) and they had a row on stage, leading to Liam disappearing for 4-5 songs. Noel then told the crowd in no uncertain terms to not sing along to Wonderwall and when they didn't do as they told, he told them where to go and refused to play it.
Don't you just love them?!