Words Are All I've Got

Someone approached me the other day to ask me about my personal haiku on Friday...
Many things to say
Fear is holding back the tongue
Got to find courage.

They thought they knew the meaning of it, but wasn't sure. I told them that when I wrote it I thought I knew what I was saying. But after it was composed and before it was posted, my interpretation of it changed too. We then had a conversation of the many times in day to day life that I refrain from saying something that should be said. It got me thinking. How many students have I failed to give that encouraging word to? How many coworkers have I not given the proper encouragement? How many family members have I neglected to express my concern or love? How many times have I failed to openly communicate with my God? The list goes on and on... until I find that courage or what ever it takes to speak openly.

On a less thought provoking theme, there is a funny clip of a youth pastor who slipped up some words. Thanks to Craig for alerting me to this one.

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David Im said...

Your Haiku did kind of made me think about what you were
trying to say. It can be interpreted so many ways.. so..btw, i have a
question.. is miss virigina and miss sally rejecting me? just wanted to
hear back from them on xanga and haven\'t for the past bunch of entries
that i commented...breaks my heart...i guess we have three GI_Chicas..
if you know what i mean.

Carrie C said...

Yeah Craig is a pretty funny guy. Once he scattered 500 Q tips in my apartment. I was still finding them 3 years and 2 moves later. When I was in Korea he put macaroni noodles all in my belongings...I found another one last night.

ryan pierce said...

I hear you on failing to have the courage to speak what should be said.