Haiku Freitag

Time again for my personal, pop culture, and current event haiku for the week:

Many things to say
Fear is holding back the tongue
Got to find courage.


Tale of love and war
Andre the Giant a star
Dream of large women


They are short and blue
Now bombs are falling on them
It is about time

Feel free to join the fun of Haiku Friday over at xanga, or by posting a link in the comment section below.

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Chris said...

nice haiku man. nice. dream it make it.

Gene Rickman said...

Ryan just wanted to let you that I was thinging of you yesterday when on the food network they had a show on about great American festivals and they spent a half hour on the great pumpkin festival of Morton, IL. I immediatly thought of you eating pumpkin popcord and riding the ferris wheel, don't know why just did