Trapped, Pandas and Books

Today I have been trapped in my dorm. Why, you ask? For some reason the people doing the construction thought it would be wise to pour concrete today. In doing so, they chose to pour both the front entry way and the back parking lot, thus blocking both exits.

While I wait for the concrete to dry, here are a couple random thoughts that have been bouncing through my head lately...

I recently made a comment about the reason that people don't date in communities like the ones I've been living in the last eight years is the same reason that Giant Pandas have a hard time mating in captivity: It is like people are watching to see what happens when singles are together like some sick science project. Enough already, and stop tapping on the glass. And yes, this is my excuse for now as why I'm still single.

I've been blessed with some cool friends. One of them, a fellow named Dave Thompson just won a prize over at Pariah Publishing. They chose his chapter of Fallen Horizon as their Grand Prize Winner. I'm so proud of the boy, even if the story is a little dark compared to his first book I read.

And finally, I've heard that my site is blocked at a couple schools and churches. There goes The Man keeping me down again with crazy censorship Don't know if I should be proud or ashamed.

Currently waiting for concrete to dry.

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