Film And Phone

I saw a link recently with the phrase, "Last night I didn't fall asleep until early in the morning. And I've got a long day ahead of me. So, what the heck is making me smile at 7:35 in the morning?" It reminded me of one of my mornings last week, so I had to click it. What I found was a hilarious short film. Check it out, and I'd recommend watching it twice to get the full effect.

BTW... Cordell's got a new number... No matter where I am in the world, you can now reach me at (309) BAN-HAMS. Yep, the days working in the butcher shop still make me shudder when I see ham in the lunch line. But if you processed two ton of ham a week, you'd feel the same.

Spam lovers can also reach me at (309) CAN-HAMS. And Bah, if you stutter you can reach me at (309) A-am I COP.

I had the chance to get (309) CAM-GIRLS, but didn't think that would look so good on the resume.

And before you even attempt a call, check this site to see what time it might be where I am.

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Anonymous said...

haha...thanks for the laughs!