He Calls Me Bubba

Earlier this week I mentioned how I have some amazing friends... Well, tonight I must give some made props to yet another friend of mine. The man who I once called Francis, but most know him as Ron Merrell. We met in front of a building called California in Arkansas where he and his friend proceeded to kick my tail in football. Since then we have had many great adventures from gawking at the Amish to attending the world premiere of Spice World. But don't judge him just yet... He is also an amazing preachin' man. You can find a couple of his messages on his church's website. I listened to his Father's Day message today and was in tears a couple times. I highly recommend you take a half hour out of your day today to give it a listen. If you are not challenged, encouraged, or moved by what you hear I'll send you a Korean coin.

Although you must forgive him of his obsession with Hanson, who he informed me just released another album, The Best of Hanson Live and Electric.

Currently using to freshen my breath:

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