Tickets For The War Game

A few weeks ago I added a little image in the left side bar of this blog that shows where people are visiting from. As I checked it as time went by, I could not help but think of War Games. For those not blessed with a knowledge of classic eighties films, it is a film about the potential start of a nuclear war. There were screens in the command center that showed potential targets, as well as missile silos.

So with that in mind, take a look at the visitor map of this page. You can also check out the same map, but with smaller clusters of visitors.

Call me crazy, or just bored, but sometimes I like to look at those maps and try to figure out how to get more red dots on it. And how do I get more in locations like Africa, South America, or even Alaska. Perhaps on my upcoming trip I'll just log on to my blog a couple times just to put a dot on the route.

Well, I should either go to bed, or continue my plans to take over the world.

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Dave Thompson said...

Ha! I see me! That big red spot in Southern California! That's ME, BABY!

Jodie C. said...

Sally is in Alaska. Email me for her address.