A Lifetime's Not Too Long

I blame Dave for this post... He was suckered into doing one of those "list up to ten things you want to say to ten different friends... Do not state who these people are. Do not confirm or deny any 'comment speculation' ...Then tag five people" things that spread around the blog world. And since I probably haven't blogged enough about some of my friends, I thought I would join in the fun. Although perhaps not fully, so there might not be ten. So here are my comments on some of the people who have help make me a better person on this planet.

1. We need to do another road trip, as the last one was too long ago. You can always make me laugh. Yet your words have also been a source of challenge and inspiration (I'm glad that they are downloadable too). I knew you would make a big impact on this world, which is why I helped you with stalker awareness training. While our paths might not cross now, I know someday they will again. Marx said it best, "Now and forever, I will be your man."

2. Your name can be found in some of my favorite dorm stories, as well as a few of the best travel stories. You set the bar high for all my future coworkers to live up to. The kids we worked with are not the only ones who are better people by having you in their world.

3. If we had not signed up for that missions trip we might not be the friends we are. It was the beginning of many humourous and great experiences. I treasure the many discussions we had over food and/or drinks. I am honoured to have been a small part of your wedding. It was only fitting that the last time we saw each other was for the "Old Friends" concert.

4. You taught me that every day is a gift, and should be used accordingly. (Yet how often do I forget that?) Nothing held you back. I miss the conversations we had while trying to prevent each other from world domination. I know our next visit will be heavenly.

5. When we first met, I didn't know what exactly to say to you. Now there is little that we have not talked about. You taught me not to give up and to not let anything stand in your way. Seeing how your faith got you through the good and the bad, has been an encouragement to me, and many others. Oh, and I blame you partially for my music collection. Can you believe it has been eighteen years?

6. Did my parents put you up for adoption? For you could easily be a brother of mine. I don't know where I would be without your advice. Nor do I know where I would be with some of your advice. Yeah, I pick and choose from what you tell me. Either way you have been a great sounding board. If I ever become a superhero, I've already decided you will be my sidekick. We need to dance down Main Street USA again soon.

7. You have said you are a bad friend. But I'll take your bad friendship over most of the people who have claimed to be good friends. Your love for the Lord and desire to serve him is contagious. And that is part of the reason I enjoy our time together. I'm still trying to figure out the other reasons I call you friend.

8. If I were picking an all star RA team you would be on it, although you might have to serve as the mascot too. You've poured your heart out into kids, even when you known some will let you down again. "As iron sharpens iron," is the phrase I think of when looking back at our time together.

9. When you volunteered to house the missionary, I bet you didn't expect he would move in. You shared your home, your friends, and your life with me. You continue to play a key role in my life, and I look forward the next time I crash on your sofa. Sometimes I think I was a fool to pass up the chance to work and minister alongside of you.

Ok, I'm going to stop there. As I've worked on this for a couple days, I've noticed that many of these could be about a several friends of mine, minus a sentence or two. So if you don't feel like you are on the list, just read the lines that apply to you. I could fill books writing about all the people who have gotten me to where I am. I'm blessed to have such a great cloud of witnesses.

As for tagging someone else... if you think you were mentioned above follow my lead and post a list. If you think I left you off, make your own list and leave me off it to teach me a lesson or two. Either way, leave a comment on your way out...

Song to go with this post: Stryper - Friends


Dave Thompson said...

There goes my hero! Watch him as he goes!

Jodie Maines Clements said...

I am proud to say, "I knew him when". I have enjoyed reading your "thoughts" since the Stall Street Journal.

Mickie said...

I'm gonna go ahead and claim one of these...thank you...knowing you has been a great blessing my life too!