Sing, Sing A Song

It is almost time for one of the biggest competitions to begin, and the excitement is in the air. No, I'm not talking about the World Cup, but the Eurovision Song Contest. This will be the fiftieth year that the countries of Europe have sent some of their finest musicians to compete for this annual battle of the bands. Previous winners include Abba, Celine Dion, and Katrina and the Waves. During my seven years of life in Europe, I became a big fan of the event, and was excited when I discovered that it was this weekend. So excited I stayed up way too late watching the videos of the song entries.

I now give you my picks for the top ten songs:
1. Germany - lighthearted country music from the people who brought us Rammstein.
2. Finland - going against the poppy sound could give the win to the Finn.
3. Malta - Could this be the Richard Marx of poppy music? The video says yes.
4. Romania - I think the video caught me, and the Erasure sound.
5. Switzerland - It is like S-Club 7 from the Alps.
6. United Kingdom - The song is catchy and kitsch enough to win
7. Ireland - One of the more thoughtful songs
8. FYR Macedonia - A catchy song, and if only males are voting this has a shot.
9. Slovenia - He pulls off a fauxhawk. Plus this video makes me smile.
10. Netherlands - Don't be afraid to turn up the Treble.

While Israel and Cyprus might have a chance, they lost my vote by bringing in Americans to compete. Cyprus loses extra points for bringing in a former backup singer for Britney Spears. She also cowrote "Everytime," giving me another reason to send my vote to a possible former Russian republic.

I will be shocked, flabbergasted, taken back, bewildered, dumbfounded, and lose any remaining faith in human reasoning and logic if these even make the top twenty:
1. Iceland - I'm still have forgiven them for giving us Bjork. This now means war.
2. Croatia - I have no words.
3. Lithuania - I feel the need to vote for them to be the winners... of the loser bracket.

So give all those videos a listen and let me know who you are rooting for.

Oh, and before you leave that site, be sure to check out the video for Dschinghis Khan, in the 1970-1979 section. You can thank me later.

Currently listening to: Some of those tunes still floating around my head.

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fenceter said...

just watched a few of them
as i sat here in my class.
that is some quality stuff
to say the least. ^-^