The Property of Jesus

So Friday night rolled around, and I kicked it off by cleaning my apartment. Gave the place a thorough scrub down, to the point that the phrase, "I could eat off that," passed through my head.

Luckily for me, I was going out with a couple friends for a late dinner. We had decided to check out a place rumored to have decent hamburgers. During our time out we encountered a fellow foreigner who was curious why three guys were not drinking alcohol on a Friday night. We explained a little about where we worked, and that we all made agreements when we were hired that we would not consume alcohol. As he walked away he exclaimed, "Jesus, who is your recruiter?" I quickly said to my friends, "I guess in some ways, Jesus was my recruiter."

Thanks folks, I'll be here all week. Try the chicken.

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fent said...

ha~ i like it. oh wait,
i was there. and i'll be
here all this week too.
and the next... and..

Rob Szarka said...

OMG! You can still buy Tang?! Do you have to go to Korea to get it?