Root, Root, Root For The Home Team

Well, a few months ago I mentioned the World Baseball Classic. In that post, I mentioned that I would probably root for Korea when the games came around. And today I did. Several of my students were concerned when it looked like the lone American in the room might see his country lose. I told them I was hoping for a Korean win, as I've been to more Korean baseball games in the last ten years than American games. Plus it is great to see players who make millions of dollars a year, lose to players who start out at twenty thousand dollars a year. Is it time to renegotiate some salaries downwards???

Speaking of Korean baseball, four days until the Hanwha Eagles, who's coach is currently managing the Korean team, play their first game of the year.

In other news, it was White Day over here. And boy was I shocked, when I found out it isn't a celebration of the white man. Guess it is one of many days to celebrate one's love for the opposite gender and/or sell stuff.

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fencer said...

흠.... 야구 좋아해?
응?~ ㅋㅋㅋ
바보야.. 이것은 읽을수있어?
joking man, i dont really
mean it. ^^