Poems, Prayers, And Promises

A letter is in the mail to many of those who have supported me over the years. Part of it reads,
"During my high school years, I attended a very mission oriented church. Looking back on that experience, I am not surprised to see that I now am serving God overseas. What I am continually amazed at is that when I accepted God's call to "go and make disciples of all nations," in Matthew 28, that I would be going to as many nations as I have. I took a few step of faith to leave home, and that step has led me to places I never thought I see."

I am overwhelmed, honored, humbled, and amazed that in a few hours I have the privilege to join a four good friends in leading fourteen students to India. There we will be working at an orphanage for a week. As I shared with a friend the other night, I never dreamed I would see the places I've seen. God continues to amaze me in so many ways, and I look forward what he has in store on this trip. I've got a feeling my mind and heart will not be the same. In fact, my stuff is packed in a bag I got on a trip to the Czech Republic years ago that says, "Never Be The Same Again." It was the theme of that trip, and that bag has gone on every trip I've been on since. I take it as it is a great container for my stuff, but it is also a reminder that after each of these trips, and each experience with God, I'm never the same.

Now here come the haiku:

Riding across town
Looking for the subway shop
No luck but good ride.

I should be asleep
The bus leaves in two hours
Why am I online?

I've picked my movies
On the way there and return
Man I am a nerd.

Photos and stories
You know that's what I'll bring back
And will share them here.

If you have read this
Could you take a minute
And pray for the trip?

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fennnnter said...

im gonna have to say
53 on this one. and maybe i'll add an 81 too. heh.

good to catch some about the trip today and of course the good ole costco run.

later man. ps. we need to plan for russia this week!!!