At Ninety-Eight We All Rotate

My simple movie about a primate,
Which under a full moon as they mate
Takes only a few seconds to procreate,
Has been viewed at an amazing rate.
Although few people wrote some hate
Claiming the footage was too sedate.
In Spanish class I hated to conjugate.
Absinthe will make you hallucinate
And put you in an awkward state.
This weekend I got a little irate
When kids were causing trouble late
Causing some discipline to activate.
Been a while since I've had a date
Which is a fact I can not negate.
Some think singleness is my fate,
Although that is up for serious debate.
For the right one I continue to wait.
A self portrait from the Krasner estate
Will end another poem I did fabricate.

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Dave Thompson said...

DAHHHHHHHH! A new Philip Yancey book? Must acquire!!!!