A Monkey On A Tree

Earlier this morning, I tossed a couple videos up on YouTube, a website that hosts random videos. Later in the day, I discovered that one of my videos has taken off like a rocket. It is listed as one of the featured videos of the day, is currently in the top 25 most watched and top 5 most discussed videos of the day. Right now it has been viewed over 14,500 times, averaging a thousand views an hour. Crazy. So, if you haven't been one of those, check out my Tarsier video now.

In other news, I think my cover is blown. Dang internet.

Currently watching: My Tarsier Video


Ryan said...

UPDATE - the video has 29,500 views and in the top ten viewed of the day.

Ryan said...

UPDATE - in now has over 54,000 views, and in the top five viewed.

Jodie C. said...

It was a hit with the 1-3 year olds in our house.