That Proves You Were There

Sometimes I get the feeling my life is more interesting than it really is. Sometimes that feeling is proven to be correct. In my defense I present to you the jury the following:

Traveling to a foreign country for a rock show is pretty sweet. Getting a mention on the band's website (and myspace blog too) is über amazing. At least in my book.

Although I must give some props to "Ashley from Alabama". Let's be honest, if it were just me talking to the band after the show, it would have said something about "some loner that was hanging around after the show like he had no where to go." Plus she is the one who discovered the concert's existence in the first place. If she didn't put the idea of rocking in Japan, I would have spent my time off probably cleaning my bathtub (which I'm doing after I post this) and going to see Eragon.

Now the question is what do I do next to up the interesting factor? Any suggestions?

Currently listening to: Calexico - Calexico - Garden Ruin


Andrew said...

I feel like I know a celebrity. Maybe now people will try to sell your underwears on EBAY.

Dave T said...

Ryan!!! For the love of everything that's good and holy, don't see Eragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bolton Tea Party said...

Hey, I'd buy Ryan's underwear on e-bay. Who wouldn't?

Suggestion to become more interesting: find out where Liam Gallagher is staying when he next hits Japan, find him and say "Hi Noel, you're such a good songwriter". Just get some dental insurance beforehand. As long as Ashley from Alabama is there as well (to add some glamour), your picture could be in Rolling Stone some time soon....

Ryan said...

Andrew - Let me know if there is a market for that. I've got some with the elastic band starting to lose power.

Dave T. - Don't worry, I'm not hurting that bad for entertainment.

BTP - You don't think asking when Blur is going to put out a new album would be a better question for Noel?