Shake It Up

It might be too soon to find any information online, but I think we just had a small earthquake here in the Korean peninsula. Shortly before 9 pm, the room started shaking, and I know for a fact I was not drinking. I was sitting in the office playing some cards online, and thought my chair was acting in a way an office chair usually does not act. Confused why it would start wobbling, I began to look around and noticed the door also swaying a little. Some students also confirmed that they noticed the movements, otherwise I would think I was crazy.

OK, a quick update - there is still nothing on the USGS site of recent earthquakes, but I received a text message on my cell phone telling me there was a 4.8 quake 105 miles northeast of where I live. The odd thing is that I'm the only one in the dorm who got a text message (or bothered to read it, as I've found out.) from the "tragedy alarm center," as one student called it.

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fenster said...

hey man. you gotta put on some pressure and get more people in that fanacy league... im ready to talk trash~ ha. nope youre doing well man. and keep those shakes to a minimum.