Somebody's Watching Me

So I have made it to Edmonton, AB. Yesterday as I wandered around the West Edmonton Mall, I decided to check my email. So I tapped into a popular computer stores wifi they were freely distributing. I was shocked to see that there was an email informing me that my phone was found at Yellowstone Park, and currently at one of their information centers. This came as a big surprise, especially as the last call I made was in Glacier National Park. But to be on the safe side I double checked my car where the phone was last placed. It was there.

So a quick call was made to the Census Bureau office, who got the call in the first place from Yellowstone. Turns out that a phone was found that had the Peoria office number, as well the number of former coworker. The office workers assumed it was mine, as I had openly talked about hitting the highway and heading west before north. That is the reason they called my parents to let them know about my missing phone. And thus sparked some confusion and concern that I would be attempting my own "Into The Wild" story.

After calling my folks to let them know I was alright and in possession of my phone, I began to wonder what the odds that someone who also had worked for our office was also in the park during the same time I was there. Was it someone who heard about my potential adventure and decided on one of their own? Or even more sinister, do I have someone following me? If so, I think I have shaken them here in Canada. I've only seen two cars with US license plates on them. Plus, if they are trailing me, they have lost their ability to contact who ever hired them in the first place. That is unless they also read this and figure out where their phone is.

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