Moving Me Down The Highway

For the last year or so, this blog has remained fairly dormant. This is mostly because my life has been the same. Working for the Census Bureau was interesting at times, but those stories really couldn't be told in this area. But a week ago last Thursday, that all changed. My temporary assignment ended. I found myself with all the time in the world and some money in the bank. After months of working almost every day, I decided it was time for a break.

And while most would take a short little trip, I decided to set my sights a little further. A week ago, Sunday, August 22, I hit the highway with the initial goal being Alaska. Why? I say why not? Before departing I had visited all but five US states. (South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Hawaii, and Alaska) I have told people part of it also stems from the fact that I know many who plan for their retirements, yet never get to experience them. So while I have this break, why not make something of it? The trip was also motivated by a discussion with a friend where we talked about how some people talk about stuff, and some people do stuff. It was time to do stuff.

So now I am about half way towards the Alaska border. I'm hoping to upload a few photos from the trip so far, as well as a few stories. But for now, just know that in the last week, I have crossed off three of those states to visit.

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