Trains and Boats And Planes

Looking at the calendar, I notice that it is almost time for another potentially epic summer adventure to begin. The last couple summers I have been fortunate to see some amazing things, hang with some cool people, and do what I often love to do most, wander. This summer's schedule is set up to allow for some more of that. Here is my rough schedule for the summer:

June 17 (or 18)* - Depart Pusan, Korea aboard the Hanjin Phoenix
June 27 (or 28 or 29)* - Arrive Long Beach, California
July 8 - Fly to Sacramento, California
July 16 - Fly to Seattle, Washington
July 17-20 - Attend Woodsong Music Festival
July 21 - Ferry to Vancouver
July 25/6 - Seattle again
July 27 - Depart Seattle on the Empire Builder
July 29 - Arrive in Bloomington, Illinois
July 30 - Wake up in my parents house in Morton, Illinois

* I started writing this post yesterday, and already my departure and arrival dates have shifted. They could aways shift back. Guess that is the way of the seafaring vagabond.

If anyone in the Los Angeles, Sacramento, Seattle, or Vancouver area would like to hang out, drop me an email or comment. Depending on Amtrak's commitment to staying on schedule, I might even be able to grab dinner in Chicago with some fans.

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Anonymous said...

We Chicagoland Reimers are fans! Let us know when you'll be coming through and we'd love to work something out.