Still Got Twenty Four Hours

Good thing I did not have a case of the Mondays, because yesterday was the longest day I have ever had. On June 25th, I left my Korean apartment at five in the morning. Thirty four hours later, I was going to bed in California, around eleven the evening on June 25th. Fortunately, a good part of the time was spent travelling. Unfortunately, it was with Northwest Airlines.

Now I am trying to get adjusted to life in America. Yesterday, I spent some time wandering the grocery isles checking out all the varieties of foods I have missed out on. Today, I am spending some time catching up on my legal television. Currently it is the honorable Judge Mathis lawing down the verdicts. Wow, I am amazed how many studid people suing other stupid people there are.

Here is a shot of the auto that will soon be crossing America. I need to get Xzibit to stop by and pimp it. It could use a kicking sound system and a couple X-boxes in the back to help with the road trip.
Ready To Roll
I am looking for a cool name for it. If you have any ideas, leave them in the comments.


Bolton Tea Party said...


As long as it accelerates faster than the one you transported us around Zurich in, it doesn't really matter....

Have a great holiday, mate.

Dave T said...

Dude, this has been settled. It's called the Blue Bastard. Acccept no imitations.

Hey, are those spider-webs on the rims?