Leavin' Bread Crumbs

My name is Ryan. I have red hair. I worked in Germany for about six years. There I lived near Lörrach and Freiburg. I work at an international school in Korea, where I have for the last two or three years. Sometimes I go to Seoul and ride the subways, including this last Saturday. Usually when I ride it, I get out at the Seoul Station stop, and exit near the train station. One of my favorite shirts has an eagle on it and the name Sean, although it looks like it is spelled Seam. Oh, and I follow the Eurovision song contest every year. Did I mention I will be driving across America from Los Angeles to Chicago, which is near where I live in the USA? I think every one should travel more, and would like to go back to Europe someday.

This post makes does not make much sense to most of you, but if it makes sense to you, leave a comment.

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Bolton Tea Party said...

Has it got anything to do with your life being like lyrics?

dave t said...

I'm guessing it has something to with trains and watching Before Sunrise?

Mickie said...

My name is Mickie. I like to dress in black. I too worked in Germany at a boarding school for missionary kids. One of my favorite things to do is too think about things too much so that my head hurts. I love traveling, but also love helping people who are distressed. I chose the helping people in distress career over a career where I could travel. Every once in a while I regret that.