I Love To Take A Photograph

I have been back for a few days now, and it feels good to have a regular place to sleep, a shower every day, and an empty suitcase. At least for the time being, of course. I have posted quite a few of my photos from the trip online.

I have also started posting a few of the videos I shot online as well. Here are three from the trip. Enjoy.

Drinking of Mare's Milk

The train pulls away without two of us

Changing Of The Guard

Well, work starts again tomorrow, so I should get some stuff done. More stories from the summer should appear here soon. Or better yet, give me a call or meet me somewhere to hear them directly. They are usually better that way.

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Bolton Tea Party said...

Great videos! Glad you got back safely. Temperature dropped 15 C the day you left here....not been out on the balcony since!

Mickie said...

I love the one of the guys being left behind!!!! And who's the cutie drinking the mare's milk?