Morning Has Broken

Foggy Island (by rycordell)

PhotoFriday's theme this week is Dawn. Yet another photo taken in the woods of the Upper Peninsula. When I was younger I would often spend a lot of time on this little island. There is an old ice shack where they used to store ice blocks for the ice boxes from days of old. Even though the island is smaller than a school bus, it was fun to explore around. I felt like it was my very own place. Even now there is something about it that draws me near. It is amazing how many photos I have taken of it. This one just happened to be taken in the early morning as the fog was lifting from the lake.


ElinsPhoto said...

What a beautiful picture, I hope that you still go out to the little island :)

Ryan said...

I do, but it appears a lot smaller than before.

Unknown said...

Pretty! makes you want to be there... in that peace..