Driving My Life Away

It has been a while
And this one is slightly late
Here come the haiku.

A donated car
Five thousand miles were added
On the open road.

Texas police man
Thought he had a big drug bust
But he was so wrong.

Saw the Beach Boys play
Two original members
They sounded so old.

Went to a concert
Lots of ladies came to see
Ani DiFranco.

Fireworks and floods
Just two of many hazards
My car had to face.

Used my college skills
Recording a commercial
Promoting 4-H.

They loaded the plane
Knowing the air did not work
Northwest Airlines stinks.

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Mickie said...

So when can I expect photos of your journey?

Ryan said...

I've posted them on flickr. I'll post a link soon. Or just click on the sidebar photos.